In Fall 2023, I participated in the Cozy Autumn Game Jam with my friends Billy Katz and Anna Membrino. We made a beverage-crafting game in which you are the barista trying to figure out the right beverage for each of the interesting patrons. We got started a bit late, so we had closer to 10 days rather than the full two weeks, but I was pretty happy with how things turned out!

🎮 Play the game


The little introduction lets you know that this is the soft opening of Little Witch’s cafe, Spooks ‘n Sips. Making a good impression on the early customers will hopefully mean a lively grand opening!

The cast of characters

Sleepy Bear Ghostie Gnorm Pumpkinhead Skelly

The game

The game UI is pretty simple–click on the ingredients on the beverage machine to mix 1 base and 2 add-ins to create each drink. You have a chance to check your work before clicking “Serve”. We had a good time making up some fun drink names.

The game screen